Your Own Classic Crochet Scarf using a Granny Stitch

Step into the world of stylish crochet with this classic yet highly fashionable scarf. Witness the revival of the Granny stitch, a timeless technique now showcased on streets, catwalks, and glossy pages of fashion magazines. Be a part of this trend by crafting your own stylish accessory with ease and flair.

Design Your Unique Crochet Scarf

This straightforward crochet scarf project is not just a style statement, but also a warm embrace, thanks to its wool composition. While a single colour exudes classic elegance, feel free to experiment with various hues or alternate colours for each row for a vibrant twist. Personalize your scarf’s length and width as desired, with clear instructions provided in the printable pattern.

Beginner-Friendly Crochet Pattern

Effortlessly craft your chic scarf with this beginner-friendly pattern that promises a quick and satisfying project completion. Below you will find the free pattern, but you can enhance your crafting experience with a comprehensive, photo-inclusive printable PDF, available in both US and NL terms for global crochet enthusiasts.

Experience the Comfort of Hobbii WoolPower

Indulge in the luxurious feel of Hobbii WoolPower yarn, known for its incredible thickness and softness. Enjoy the ease of working with single-stranded, 100% wool yarn, assuring you unmatched warmth. Take comfort in the yarn’s OEKO-TEX® certification (no. 1976-294), a testament to its quality and safety. Explore the array of available colours to find your perfect match for crafting this elegant crochet scarf.

The pattern

Row 1Ch22, make 1sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each ch till end of row, turn. (21)
Row 2Ch1, 1sc in each sc till end, turn. (21)
Row 3Ch4 (counts as dc+ch1), [sk1, 1dc in next 3sc, ch1] 5x, turn.
Row 4-139Ch3 (together with the ch1 of the previous row this counts as dc+ch1 here and throughout), [(3dc, ch1) in next ch1-sp] 5x.
Row 140Ch1, (1sc in next 3dc, 1sc in ch-1sp) 5x, 1sc in top of ch3, turn.
Row 141Ch1, 1sc in each sc, fasten off and weave in ends.


You’ve just made a classic but timeless scarf! Please follow me on Instagram and share a photo of your work using #classicgrannyscarf and #knotsosquare

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