Winter Waves Wrap: Crochet Design

The Winter Waves Wrap is by FAR my most favourite crochet design of 2022. Save the best for last they say! Well, I didn’t intend to, but I did.

I especially like how the wave stitch pattern worked out with the yarn. This crochet wrap has a LOT of structure! And a lot of waves 😉 It’s looking so organic. It reminds me of an ammonite. It’s a match made in heaven!

Asymmetrical crochet wrap

The Winter Waves wrap is a huge asymmetrical crochet wrap. It measures 68x 272 cm!!

Like the Garden of Honey shawl, it has one side that increases on every row. You’ll begin at the point and work it until it grows larger. I’ve made a photo tutorial and the pattern also includes a chart. You won’t cut your yarn every row, so no ends to weave in! Just one skein of Winter Glow and one skein of Winter Glow Solid and you’re good to go! Of course you could replace Winter Glow for any yarn cake you like. The measurements will be different then.

It wasn’t easy to convert the stitch pattern into an asymmetrical one and I owe my testers big time. I couldn’t have done it without them!

The pattern is suitable for the intermediate crocheter. There are some aspects that are just more difficult. Once you’ve got the hang of it, the wave stitch repeats aren’t so difficult but at first you really need to pay attention. The chart is huge!! I’ve made a photo tutorial to make it easier. An extra bonus is the stitch count sheet I created.

Yarn selection: Hobbii Winter Glow

Hobbii Winter Glow is one of my favourite yarns to work with. It’s so sturdy and the colours are AMAZING! It’s an acrylic wool blend so it’s soft and superwarm!

Winter Glow is an unbelievably beautiful South American wool blend with an intense depth of color and an extraordinary glow! It is produced at an Italian spinnery that makes color combinations that are out of this world. Ehh yeah!!

The yarn has a loosely spun structure with a slight variation in thickness and is easy to work with. As your project takes shape, you’ll see layer upon layer emerging in a surprising and fascinating play of beautiful color.

I’m designing a Leah cowl 2.0 with this yarn at the moment. I couldn’t resist! Keep an eye out for it in 2023!

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