Whirly Waves Wrap: A Splash of Crochet Euphoria!

A Seamless Dive into Crochet Patterns!

Embrace the magic of crochet with the Whirly Waves Wrap, a delightful pattern that offers the joy of intricate-looking designs but with the simplicity of foundational stitches! It’s the perfect blend of the familiar double and single crochet stitches to bring this masterpiece to life.

A Journey of Waves and Patterns

Our beloved Whirly Waves Wrap was just the beginning! Riding on the joyous waves of this design, I ventured into crafting more, leading to the creation of the exquisite Garden of Honey shawl, the charming Sweet Almonds shawl, and the cosy Winter Waves Wrap. The thrill of designing these patterns is immeasurable!

Whirly Waves Wrap: Details to Adore

This wrap isn’t just an ordinary piece—it’s a vast canvas of asymmetrical crochet beauty measuring an impressive 140×180 cm. But the best part? You have the freedom to adjust its size based on your preference!

One of its standout features is the side that keeps growing with every row, starting from a tiny point and blossoming into this expansive wrap. And for all the visual learners out there, I’ve got you covered with a photo tutorial and a detailed pattern chart. The cherry on top? No frequent yarn-cutting, meaning fewer ends to weave in! Just grab two skeins of the beloved Scheepjes Whirl, and you’re set. Remember, you’re free to opt for any yarn cake that delights your soul; just note the size might vary.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

This pattern, while radiating elegance, is tailored for the budding crocheters, making it an advanced beginner-friendly endeavor. Starting from the bottom, this wrap builds upwards featuring our favourite stitches and some graceful chains. The 8-row repeat pattern ensures consistency, and if you’re in the mood for an extra flair, feel free to add a row of crab stitches.

Spotlight: Scheepjes Whirl

Scheepjes Whirl Yarn Cakes

Crafted with the Whirly Waves Wrap in mind, I opted for two wholesome skeins of Scheepjes Whirl, exploiting every bit. Scheepjes Whirl is more than just yarn—it’s a blend of radiant gradients and 54 tantalizing colour options. Its unique 60% Cotton and 40% Acrylic blend ensures your projects are not just captivating to the eyes but also airy and lightweight. The added twist? Its inherent twist that averts splitting, and its drape that adds the finishing touch of elegance to your creations!

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