Unveiling the Winter Waves Wrap: A Masterpiece of Crochet Design in 2022!

Discover the Winter Waves Wrap

Stepping into the spotlight, the Winter Waves Wrap is my cherished crochet design of 2022, perfectly blending structure with organic beauty. Its delightful wave stitch pattern seamlessly unites with the yarn, evoking the natural elegance of an ammonite, creating an exquisite match!

Embracing Asymmetry

Behold the grandeur of the Winter Waves Wrap, a spacious asymmetrical crochet wrap spanning 68x 272 cm! Echoing the allure of the Garden of Honey shawl, it beautifully expands on one side with each row, blossoming from a point to a magnanimous wrap. Simplifying your crochet journey, the pattern, complemented with a photo tutorial and a chart, ensures seamless crafting with no need for constant yarn cutting. Just pair it with a skein each of Winter Glow and Winter Glow Solid, and embark on your creative adventure!

Crafting the Perfect Pattern

Translating the intricate stitch pattern into an asymmetrical masterpiece wasn’t a solitary endeavor. Immense gratitude flows for my dedicated testers, whose invaluable insights illuminated the path to perfection. Tailored for the intermediate crocheter, the initial intricacies of the wave stitch pattern dissolve into a rhythm of effortless repetition, once mastered. Navigate the expansive chart with ease, aided by an additional photo tutorial and a handy stitch count sheet.

Falling in Love with Hobbii Winter Glow

The robust and radiant Hobbii Winter Glow, a beloved yarn choice, promises warmth, softness, and a fascinating interplay of mesmerizing colours in every crochet creation. Immerse in the enchanting hues and exceptional glow of this South American wool blend, crafted by an Italian spinnery renowned for its extraordinary colour combinations. Look forward to an unparalleled crochet experience as you explore the delightful variations in thickness and the emergence of layered colours in your projects.

A Glimpse into the Future

The allure of Hobbii Winter Glow is irresistible! Currently crafting a Leah Cowl 2.0 with this sublime yarn, anticipate its grand debut in 2023. Keep your excitement alight and stay tuned for the unveiling of more crochet marvels!

Big Thank You for Testing

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