Through the Grapevine, a Crochet Market Bag with a Purpose

Through the Grapevine Market Bag,  Boho Chic and Conscious

The Through the Grapevine market bag is not just another crochet bag. It’s a stylish statement of boho chic, infused with lacy details and a unique oval bottom. The simple stitches unfold into an intricate pattern, promising a swift and soothing crocheting journey.

Constructed with 100% cotton yarn, this crochet bag is the epitome of sustainability and style. Light and chic, it’s a daily shopping companion that eradicates the need for plastic bags. It’s also a thoughtful, last-minute gift. Weighing under 150 grams, this compact bag will snugly fit in your pocket, ready to carry your market finds, and reinforcing your commitment to the planet.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Yarn Selection: Opt for Sustainability and Durability

The preferred yarn for this project is Drops Muskat, a lustrous mercerized Egyptian cotton, known for its strength, durability, and vibrant range of 40 shades. It’s not just about aesthetics and durability; this yarn is machine washable, ensuring you can reuse your bag time and time again. In essence, this bag stands out as a beacon of sustainability, perfectly aligning with the move towards eco-friendly choices.

Drops Muskat: A Yarn That Elevates Your Creations

The Drops Muskat yarn, with its excellent stitch definition and robust characteristics, is the designer’s choice for crochet bags. However, if you opt for a different yarn, ensuring it is 100% cotton is crucial. Cotton’s natural, biodegradable, strong, and sturdy nature accentuates the bag’s eco-friendly profile while maintaining the stitch definition and durability. Additional yarn options can be explored at

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