The Sweet Almonds Shawl

Making this asymmetrical crochet shawl is such a rewarding process. To see the almonds emerge, to see the colours do their dance, the stitches, the waves, the shape, it’s like a crochet fairy tale.

Asymmetrical crochet shawl

The Sweet Almonds shawl is an asymmetrical crochet shawl that is suitable for the advanced beginner. Like the Garden of Honey shawl, it has one side that increases on every row. You’ll begin at the point and work it until it grows larger. I’ve made a photo tutorial and the pattern also includes a chart. You won’t cut your yarn every row, so no ends to weave in! Just two yarn cakes and you’re good to go!

Textured wave stitch

The Sweet Almonds crochet shawl is a beautiful and fairly huge shawl you can wear all year through as it’s made with only cotton. The almond ridges you create by working in the back loop give the shawl a lot of texture and this gives the shawl a luxurious touch and feel. This crochet shawl is really something special.

The textured wave stitch pattern is easy to follow and much easier than it looks. As mentioned, the photo tutorial and diagram are very helpful. It’s a nice repetition of a few rows that won’t bore you because of the interaction of the alternating colours. Prepare yourself for a lot of time- consuming slip stitches though. This is the ideal project if you’re looking for some meditative crochet!

Yarn selection: Hobbii Dahlia

For this shawl I used two cakes of Hobbii Dahlia. I chose Chocolate Rose (09) and Summer Flame (10) and they worked out brilliantly together.

Dahlia is the perfect cake yarn with beautiful, long color changes. The yarn consists of four thin cotton strands with gradual color changes, resulting in the prettiest play of color in your knit or crocheted projects. Hobbii Dahlia is made of 100% pure cotton and comes in large 7 oz (200 g) skeins, containing 800 meters of yarn.

Tip: You can make it easier to work with a four strand yarn by running them through a small bead before using the yarn. That way, all four strands will stay neatly together while you work.

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