The Sun and Moon Bag

Love for Small Crochet Bags

I love small crochet bags. Some may call them festival bags, but I call them schoolyard bags. When I go to pick up my daughter from school, I only need to bring my iPhone, my K-Card holder (free crochet pattern here) and some mints. OK the last ones are not really necessary, I just love a fresh breath 🙂 (So basically the same stuff you’d bring to a festival.) I need to have my hands free, so I like those small bags to have a long handle so I can wear it crossbody.

The Choice of Yarn: Hoooked Eco Barbante

Anyway, after designing a few bigger crochet bags, I thought it was time to design my own ‘schoolyard bag’. I already knew which yarn I wanted to use, Hoooked Eco Barbante. I love this yarn because it’s 100% recycled and it’s produced in a sustainable way. It’s of high quality, very sturdy but soft and it doesn’t stretch.

Can you imagine that when I’d just started crocheting I actually sent this yarn back to Hoooked? I’d ordered six skeins and started crocheting but I just couldn’t manage it. At the time I helped the yarn over my hook with my fingers and it needed to stretch a bit to be able to do that. Aww, isn’t that cute? And also a bit stupid? Hahaha. Now, it’s one of my favourite yarns and I already made two big bags with it. (The Out and About Backpack, pattern by Kate Eastwood and the Kalimera drawstring Bag by Ohwilduk. See my Insta feed for photos)


Learning the Standing Double Crochet

I’d just learnt the standing double crochet stitch, which I think is such a cool trick and I thought it would be nice to incorporate it into my pattern. It’s always nice to learn something new, isn’t it?

This summer I saw a few crochet circle bags pop up in my feed, and I loved each and every one of them. The circles give it such a posh touch! But none of them was multicoloured, so I decided mine needed to be. The sun was born. (See highlights on my Insta to check out what colours my testers used!)

A friend of mine told me she needs an inside pocket to easily find her phone in her bag. Good idea! The moon was born.

Welcome to the world, Sun and moon bag!

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