The Stella Market Bag

As I read the news about the sperm whale found on the beach of Harris, Schotland, that had died with a “litter ball” of 100 KG in it’s stomach, I felt gutted. “Fishing nets, rope, packing straps, bags and plastic cups were among the items discovered in a compacted mass.”

I felt I needed to write more on this subject instead of just referring to a previous blog I wrote.

Plastic soup

Between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are being used e-ve-ry year worldwide!!! These bags are not biodegradable. Marine animals die because they either mistake the bags for food or get strangled in them. Amongst them are 100,000 sea turtles dying e-ve-ry year!!

Did you know that the proverbial ‘plastic soup’ patch floating in the Pacific Ocean is as big as TWICE the size of the continental United States.

Cotton is King

We as crocheters, can contribute to a cleaner planet by making sustainable bags. Cotton is a natural product and completely biodegradable.

Once you’re fed up with your bag you can even use it for composting your garden! Maybe I should dedicate a next blog to that topic.

Yarn selection: Drops Safran

Hopefully you’ll carry your bag for a long time though. The yarn I used for the Stella market bag, Drops Safran, is spun from combed, long, Egyptian cotton fibers. It’s machine washable so once your bag gets dirty just throw it in the washing machine.

Drops Safran is very strong. They use a specific method to process the cotton. “The yarn is conformed by a number of threads that are twisted together in pairs, before being twisted together again. This method results in extra durable garments with great surface properties!”

I just love its shine and softness and all the beautiful colors it comes in!

By the way Drops Safran is made in the EU and has a Oeko-Tex® certificate. Awesome! 

The Stella Market Bag

The bottom of this bag is a true eyecatcher. I started out with a star-like form and expanded it so that the bottom would flow out into the body of the bag. This first part requires some attention, whereas you can practically close your eyes and meditate when you’re making the body of the bag. Just kidding 😉

But, the body of the bag ís a lot simpler, consisting of merely v-stitches. So Netflix time is on!

The result is a très chique but slouchy market bag that you might want to provide with some lining.

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