The Siksak Pillow

Beginner friendly crochet pattern

The Siksak (Finnish for zig zag) crochet pillow works up super fast and is absolutely beginner friendly. It is worked corner-to-corner in the half double crochet V-stitch. Did you know that the half double crochet is my favourite stitch ever? It works up so quick! The perfect handmade gift to bring to a housewarming!

This colourful crochet pillow is worked corner-to-corner in the half double crochet V-stitch. You’ll only work in the chain spaces you create.
You’ll first start with increasing and once you’ve reached the desired height, you’ll start decreasing. By the way this means you can make the pillow as small or as big as you like.

The front and back side of the crochet pillow (two panels) are identical. You’ll use alternating colours and will create a stripe pattern from corner-to-corner.

The printable PDF contains a lot of helpful photos.

Yarn selection: Hobbii Kind feather

I used Hobbii Kind feather because it’s very soft and I love all the amazing colours it comes in. As the name suggests Kind Feather is soft as a feather against your skin which makes it ideal for crochet! This yarn is very gentle to your fingers and I can’t get enough of it. If you like super soft yarns you will most definitely love this yarn.

It is a 100% premium acrylic yarn which means that the fibers have undergone several production steps, similar to those to manufacture wool. These numerous stages contribute to the softness and the smoothness of the yarn. Hence, it will be a great option whether you are allergic to wool or you want to avoid animal fibers, as well as if you are an acrylic lover. 

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