The Pixie Powerpuff Scarf

For this crochet scarf I’ve designed a Mitred Granny Puff Square. If you know me a little, you’ll know I LOVE Mitred Granny squares. They’re so quirky and beautiful in an artistic way. I love to play around with them.

The Granny square has made a HUGE comeback and she’s here to stay! You see her in the streets, on the catwalk and in fashion magazines. Isn’t it AWESOME that we can make our hip accessories ourselves?

This offbeat crochet scarf is not only fashionable, it’s also really warm because it’s extra long (I made mine longer than 3 meters!!) and it’s made with wool!

Beginner friendly crochet pattern

For this scarf you’ll make the square I’ve designed as many times as you like (I made 13!) and then you’ll join them with the join as you go method. This way you can make the scarf as long or short as you like. The squares work up pretty fast and are beginner friendly. The printable PDF contains helpful photos.

Yarn selection: Hobbii WoolPower

I love his yarn. It’s so thick and soft. It’s single stranded so its super easy to work with! And its 100% wool! So the warmest you’ll get. The yarn is OEKO-TEX® certified (no. 1976-294) which is a big plus!

Of course I hope you like the colours I’ve chosen, but WoolPower is available in 31 different colours so take your pick! View all the colours here.

I love how big (read gigantic) my scarf has gotten. I love to be able to wrap it around my neck a few times. Snuggle up!

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