The Octopussy Teether

Crochet Teethers

I love making, giving away and selling teethers. They are so comforting for babies when they start teething. Chewing on them gives them relief.

This teether has an extra benefit, the octopussy tentacles! The soft tentacles will remind babies of the umbilical cord and their mother’s womb which might work comforting. Plus they’re great to play with!

For this teether I used 20 grams of Durable double four. My favourite 100% cotton yarn. It comes in the most beautiful colours and I love working with it.

Printable PDF Version

If a printable PDF version of the pattern is preferred, it’s available in the shop. This comprehensive version comes with detailed instructions and helpful images, making your crafting journey smoother.

The pattern

Skill levelEasy
Materials neededCotton yarn
Wooden ring 70mm
Crochet hook
Yarn needle
Yarn usedDurable Double four
Crochet hook4 mm hook Clover amour


Row 115 sc around wooden ring, turn, no turning ch
Row 2Ch 30, 3 sc in 2nd ch fr hook and ea ch, sk next sc, slst in next sc
 Ch 25, Rep **
 Ch 30, Rep **
 Ch 20, Rep **
 Ch 30, Rep **
 Ch 25, Rep **
 Ch 30, Rep **

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Enjoy Crafting!

Delight in the process of creating this unique teether. And don’t forget to showcase your completed projects on social media platforms using the hashtags #octopussyteether and #knotsosquare.

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