The Oasis Mandala Hanger

Crochet garden ornaments

I designed this crochet mandala hanger especially for my garden. I live in the center of Amsterdam in a tiny, 50 m2 apartment, but with a lovely garden. Actually, the garden is about as big as my house!

I love to crochet stuff for my garden. The Gran Festa lantern is hanging on my porch. The Willow lantern hangs in a cosy corner in the back of my garden. I made a Susy’s sunflower bunting that I attached to the fence and nowadays you can also find a bunch of Susy’s Wind spinners in my garden. It’s turned into a colourful and creative garden indeed!

Spider webs

The spider webs in my garden actually formed the inspiration for this hanger. In the center of the Oasis mandala you won’t find a spider though, but a pretty little flower.

You are of course free to give that small flower a different colour and you could easily spray paint the wooden rings and give them a golden, classy look! For the tassel you could use a combination of colours. All the colours of the rainbow maybe?

The most fun part of this crochet mandala hanger is that it spins! Did you know that in Dutch, my native language, ‘ spin’ is the word for spider?

Beginner friendly mandala

The two Oasis mandala’s are easy to make. In the printable PDF I included a few instruction photos to illustrate what you’re going to make. You’ll just need a tiny bit of fingering weight yarn. Honestly, I just used some scraps I had lying around. I made a list of the materials you need to make the hanger:

Materials Needed

  • Cotton yarn 35g
  • Crochet hook 3mm
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Metal hoop (diameter 16 cm / 6.3โ€)
  • Metal hoop (diameter 18 cm / 7โ€)
  • 3 wooden rings (diameter 5 cm / 2โ€)
  • Wooden bead 1.5 cm
  • Wooden bead 1 cm
  • Piece of cardboard 10 x 10 cm
Photo Credit: Aan de haak

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