The Mitred Granny Jumper: A Unique Twist on Classic Crochet Design

The Revival of the Granny Square

The timeless Granny Square is enjoying a vibrant revival, inspiring a myriad of delightful garments. Eager to embrace this trend, I embarked on a journey to create a unique Granny Jumper that encapsulates the essence of Knotsosquare – distinctive and innovative.

Falling in Love with The Mitred Granny Square

The first glimpse of a Mitred Granny Square on Pinterest sparked instant adoration. The striking and quirky design offered a fresh, fun alternative to the traditional Granny Square, prompting me to explore and experiment with various colours and bring this unique pattern to life.

Designing the Jumper

The conceived jumper is crafted from two panels, offering the flexibility to create two identical front panels, with one serving as the back. The sleeves, made separately and in the round, ensure minimal sewing, providing a seamless and efficient construction process.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Choosing the Perfect Yarn with Katia Lagom

My choice of yarn for the jumper is the exquisite Katia Lagom, renowned for its beautifully faded hues. This harmonious blend of wool and cotton is available in soft natural and pale melange colours, making it the ideal selection for crafting a comfortable and stylish jumper suitable for spring and autumn wear.

Embrace Innovation with the Mitred Granny Square Jumper

Join me in celebrating the renaissance of the Granny Square by crafting your own Mitred Granny Square Jumper. Unleash your creativity, explore different colours, and bask in the unique style and comfort of this innovative design, perfect for modern fashion enthusiasts eager to make a statement.

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