The Lido Beach Bag

The Lido Beach Bag: A Bag for All Seasons

Although autumn just hit us here in Amsterdam, I’m releasing the pattern for the Lido beach bag. I mean, what’s in a name? I had to give the bag a name. You can use this bag all year through and if it reminds you of summer that’s only a positive thing if you ask me.

Yarn selection: Drops Bomull-lin

For this drawstring bag I used Drops Bomull-lin, a natural and rustic yarn spun from multiple strands of linen and cotton that combines the brittle structure of the linen with the softness of the cotton to provide a strong and durable yarn. even after washing it, it remains in shape.

DROPS Bomull-Lin colour palette is inspired by the beautiful colours of the linen plant after the harvest.

It has such a natural look and feel which suits the beach and the sea. (And being outdoors in general.)

Crochet with Linen

Linen is even more durable than cotton! Which I love! Linen is much more rigid than cotton, but lasts longer because the cellulose fibers in linen yarn are slightly longer and wrapped tighter than those in cotton yarn, which increases its strength and longevity.

Cotton has a little more stretch and flexibility and is a lot softer than linen which makes the Bomull-lin a perfect marriage of the two.

Cable stitch

The bag is made with the cable stitch which I thought was perfect for the rustic appearance of the yarn. It’s actually called the mini cable stitch. This is a great stitch to start out with when learning how to crochet cables.

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