The Leah Cowl: Crochet for Chilly Amsterdam Rides

This crochet cowl ended up exactly as I had in mind. I wanted the part around my neck superlong and snug so that it would protect my neck properly against the cold and wind. Here in Amsterdam we use our bicycles all year through so we need that bit of extra protection. I also went down one hook size for the ribbing to make it a bit tighter.

Crochet cowl

You’ll start the Leah cowl from the bottom, increasing on both sides every row. This way the triangle will grow larger. Then you’ll make that extra long “body” of the cowl and you finish with the ribbing and edging.

The pattern is suitable for the advanced beginner. I’ve made a photo tutorial to make it even easier. You will have some ends to weave in, but maybe this is an excellent opportunity to use up your scraps!

What I personally love about crochet cowls is that besides warm, they are so practical. They are relatively small, so much easier to put in a bag and take with you. The biggest plus is that they effortlessly stay in place. Even in a storm whilst cycling 😉

I even wear my cowl inside because it’s so comfortable! Even more now that we decided not to put the heating higher than 18 degrees because of the energy crisis.

Granny stitch

The Granny stitch is a classic but it’s hipper than ever! It has made a comeback and it’s here to stay as far as I’m concerned. You see her in the streets, on the catwalk and in fashion magazines. We can make our hip accessories ourselves! How cool is that!

I chose to change colour every row, but you can easily change the look of this scarf by playing with colours. What about making a unicoloured one? I included my colour scheme in the pattern!

Yarn selection: Hobbii Amigo

Amigo is a really soft acrylic yarn with wonderful, airy volume. It is produced from 100% HB acrylic of a very high quality and comes in an enormous selection of colors.

By the way, HB stands for High-bulk. It is a production technique that uses steam and pressure to make the fibers contract a little and curl so that they become fuller. The result is a light and soft yarn that is both comfortable to work with and to wear on the body.

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