The Garden of Honey Shawl

This asymmetrical crochet shawl must be my favourite crochet project, EVER! The colours, the stitches, the waves, the shape. I love everything about the Garden of Honey shawl.

Asymmetrical crochet shawl

The Garden of Honey shawl is an asymmetrical crochet shawl that is suitable for the advanced beginner.  It has one side that increases on every row. You’ll begin at the point and work it until it grows larger. I’ve made a photo tutorial and the pattern also includes a chart. You won’t cut your yarn every row, so no ends to weave in!

I’ve already made 5 more asymmetrical shawl and I’m working on a sixth. I think I found my niche here! The Buttercups shawl is already published and the Gather ye Rosebuds shawl is being tested at the moment. Two other assymmetrical shawl will first be published in Dutch crochet magazine Aan de haak. And the rest? Well, you’ll see them appear!

Crochet wave pattern

The Garden of Honey crochet shawl is a comfortable and super hip shawl in a wave stitch pattern that gives it its beautiful quirkiness. I actually made the design because I participated in Hobbii’s “Here comes the summer” challenge. Because of the colours I picked, the yellow part is the last part of the shawl and it really felt like the sun coming out. All those different colours that emerge make it such a joy to make.

The wave stitch pattern is easy to follow and a nice repetition of a few rows made interesting by the interaction of the different colours. That colour explosion surely makes your brain produce a few or more happy hormones!

Hobbii Twister

For this shawl I used Hobbii Twister Dahlia (32) and Zen Garden (52) and it worked out even better than I hoped.

Twister is a really soft cake-yarn and I just love all the beautiful color transitions.

The amazing colors unfold as you go and it is such a pleasure to watch the slow transitions of the colors. One yarn cake consists of 1094 yards (1 km) of yarn. The fabulous cotton is combined with acrylic which adds a lighter, a bit warmer and more solid endresult.

Thanks to my amazing tester Jutta @koukkuujkoukussa the pattern is also available in Finnish!

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