The Elements Throw, a granny square blanket

The Elements crochet throw consists of nine granny squares.

For Hobbii’s Elements challenge I designed a granny square and I made the same square in five different colourways representing Earth, Water, Sky and Fire and a Rainbow as a bonus.

I chose the Terra square to create the throw.

Crochet throw

I love to have smaller crochet throws lying around as they are very practical. Instant warmth and coziness at your ready! As many people we’re looking for more natural ways to stay warm since the energy crisis started. For us crocheters it’s just a friendly invitation to do what we already love! I’ve started designing crochet blankets and I even designed a poncho (The Palomine poncho) to keep me warm.

Explore the Granny Squares

The granny square I designed for this crochet throw is actually a square in a square. A trompe l’oeil maybe?

First I designed the Earth square which is called ‘Terra’, then the Water square ‘Aqua’, then the Sky square ‘Cielo’, lastly the Fire square ‘Fuoco’ and as a bonus, the Rainbow square ‘Arcobaleno’.

I picked the Terra square for the throw, but while I was making it I received a lot of positive feedback on the Aqua square and I regretted not going for that square. My daughter’s favourite was first the Cielo square but then the Arcobaleno square. My husband loves the Fuoco square. Well, maybe there wasn’t a right choice as all the colourways are gorgeous. Fortunately the throw turned out lovely and I am very satisfied with it.

I also made a cute little throw consisting of just the four squares I didn’t use for the throw. It’s my daughter’s favourite when we sit on the couch!

The square consists practically only of the granny stitch so you’ll make a lot of double crochet stitches. In that sense the square is suitable for a beginner, but I’d still say you should have some experience as the construction of the square is somewhat more advanced.

I’ve made an elaborate photo tutorial to make it easier.

Do you see the colourful edging I’ve added? It’s really easy and I love it!

Yarn selection: Hobbii Friends Wool

Hobbii’s Elements challenge came along when I was lying on the beach in Egypt and was designing the square in a square in my head. I’d never worked with Hobbii Friends Wool before, but I liked what I read about it.

Like any other 100% wool yarn, Friends Wool is elastic, strong, warm, and breathable. It’s available in 50 different shades!

Hobbii developed this yarn having in mind that part of the fun when crafting comes from mixing and matching all the different colors. You will definitely find the perfect ones for your next handmade project. Friends Wool can also be felted, so you can finally start experimenting with felting baskets, bags, and slippers with this yarn. I really should make a bag with my leftover yarn!

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