The Divine – & Diamond Market Bag

Plastic pollution

I love crochet market bags and I totally support the idea behind them. Bring your own bag to the market, grocery store, whenever you go shopping, and reduce the use of plastic bags.

In the United States, supermarkets have stopped issuing plastic bags to customers, encouraging them to bring their own bags instead. Here in the Netherlands and the European Union, there’s a ban on free plastic bags.

Awareness of plastic pollution on our planet is rising. In my experience most people are happy to look for alternatives to using plastic.

Handmade bags for a cleaner planet

We as crocheters can make our own bags and that can be so much fun! As a designer I think it’s great I can contribute to a cleaner planet in making it easier for you to create bags that you’ll love making. For yourself, your friends and relatives or to sell.

The first market bags I made consisted of a lot of chains. I found out that I really dislike making chains. (Dislike= read hate.) I’m more a proper stitch kind of girl. My goal became to design market bags that still give you the feeling of an old-school market bag but with a minimum of chains to make.

The Divine market bag

What I love about the Divine market bag is that it’s open mesh but mostly you’re making dc’s. I used Drops Muskat because mercerized cotton has such a posh look and feel. You’ll want to use a cotton yarn because it’s sturdy and not stretchy.

The Diamond market bag

The Diamond market bag has a more old-fashioned, rougher appearance because of the linen I used for it. I love that rope kind of feel, but you can make it as modern looking as you wish. Just experiment with colours and different yarns. This bag also works up quickly, mostly dc’s, and is enjoyable to make.

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