The Crochet K-Card Holder

The Adventure of My First Design

When I decided to write down the pattern for my ‘first ever design’, I thought it was a fun idea and that it would be a piece of cake. Oh my, was I mistaken.
It seemed such a simple design and at the time I’d WIPped it up in no time.
To exactly remake it though, appeared to be quite impossible. After several hours, literally, I’d nearly remade it and decided I could live with the result.

Of course I’d already learnt you have to write e-ve-ry-thing down. Every stitch, hook size, yarn used etc. And this experience only confirmed it. You have to write down everything you do, because you will forget. And you will, even when the steps seem so simple and obvious. You’ll forget. Trust me.

Presenting the K-Card Holder

But now, back to the card holder. I already told you, it was my first crochet design. I needed one and made one. Supercool, right?
Even cooler is that I still use it every single day. The card holder fits in your pocket, you can even slip a banknote in and off you go! I love to travel light!
The new and of course better 😉 version I made in a lovely shade of gold to make it look a little posh.
I hope it will be of use for you and I’d be happy to see your photos on Insta! #kcardholder

The Pattern

Skill leveleasy
Materials needed-2 Stitchmarkers -Small amount of fine yarn
Yarn usedYarn and colours Must-have, Golden glow 011
Crochet hook3 mm hook Clover amour
Measurements finished holder9,5 cm x 5,8 cm

US terms and abbreviations with UK in brackets

scsingle crochet (UK double crochet)
slstslip stitch
Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in the next 12 ch, 2 sc in last ch, continue on other side of the ch, sc 13 in the bottom loops. Don’t finish the round with a slst.
You will continue to crochet in the round until the holder measures 8,5 cm.
Mark the middle 4 sc with the two stitch markers.
*Sc until you’ve reached the first stitch marker. Ch 1 and turn. Sc until you’ve reached the second stitch marker. Ch1, turn, Rep from *
Ch1, slst around.
Fasten off and weave in ends.


You’ve just made a handy card holder that you’ll use every day. Please follow me on Instagram and share a photo of your work using #kcardholder and #knotsosquare That would make me happy!

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