The Buttercups Shawl

Overview of the Buttercups Shawl Crochet Project

The Buttercups shawl is an asymmetrical crochet shawl that is suitable for the advanced beginner.  It has one side that increases on every row. You’ll begin at the point and work it until it grows larger. 

I’ve made a photo and video tutorial of the most difficult stitch of the pattern, the Fpdc2tog (Two front post double crochet together). The only other two stitches you’ll need to make are a double crochet and a chain. You’ll make a lot of textured flower petals! The pattern also includes a chart and other instruction photos.


The Buttercups crochet shawl is a comfortable and warm shawl with front post stitches that give it beautiful texture. The stitch pattern resembles the petals of a buttercup. I actually made the design because I participated in Hobbii’s Spring Fling challenge. At the end of winter all I wanted to think of were flowers, blue sky and the sun! (And singing birds.)

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Yarn selection: Hobbii Dream Colour

To be honest I wanted to use Spring (colour 3) but it was sold out. Instead I chose Bright rainbow (colour 15) and oh my, I believe it was meant to be. I just love the gradient rainbow colours and it matches all my clothes!

Dream Color consists of 100% virgin wool, and it is available in big, amazing skeins of 3.53 oz each with a long yardage. The yarn has slow, beautiful color transitions and is available in a unique color range.

Dream Color is available in a wide range of colors with subtle color transitions so the colors are mixed into surprisingly beautiful hues. The exciting thing about this yarn is that you will never know for sure what the final result will look like. Each skein has its own unique color combination. Dream Color will never be boring to crochet with since lots of new hues and color variations will appear as your work develops 🙂

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