The Bright Star Mandala

Crochet mandala

This crochet mandala is beautiful all year through of course. You can experiment endlessly with colours. You might want to try some red and green for Christmas or opt for a rainbow like I did.

Cotton is the best yarn to use for crocheting mandalas I think. It simply gives the nicest stitch definition. For the Bright star mandala I used Hobbii Rainbow, a smooth, matt cotton. I think mercerized cotton is less suitable for a mandala.

Crochet stitches

For this pattern I used a few crochet stitches that are more suitable for an advanced beginner rather than a total rookie. Nothing too complicated though, don’t worry. I included photo’s of every round and there’s always YouTube! Maybe it will be a nice opportunity to learn a few new stitches!

Materials needed

I used Hobbii Rainbow (8/4 50g/170m) and 5-10 gr of each colour. Hobbii Rainbow 8/4 is a super fine superior quality cotton yarn, in all the colors of the rainbow! It’s made from 100% soft and natural fibre. I personally love the matte finish of this yarn. I think its’ perfect for mandala’s.

I used a 3 mm crochet hook and a metal ring width 35 cm.

That’s it. You’re set to go! (Scissors and a needle do come in handy too ;-))

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