Susy’s Wind Spinner

Minimal effort, maximum result

At the moment these crochet wind spinners are a real hit in Holland. I couldn’t resist making and designing my own! We’ve got a big garden so enough spots to decorate!

You can really experiment with colour and add your personal touch to the wind spinner. I found my inspiration in flowers when choosing my colours. So I used a lot of green, yellow and pink!

I wanted the “disks” of the wind spinner to be a bit bigger and more solid than the examples I saw on YouTube. No iron wire for me, too complicated and not necessary

I used my favourite stitch, the hdc, for the first row. It works up so fast, I love it!!

Stash busting crochet

They are excellent to use up your scraps, although don’t underestimate the amount of yarn you need!

Personally I loved using durable Cosy fine and Scheepjes Softfun for this project. I used a 4mm hook.

When you’re finished you can attach some beads at the bottom (or make a tassel). Make sure your disks face upward and use the long tail of row 4 to make a loop and hang up your wind spinner.

The pattern

So, here we go!

Row 1Colour A: Ch61, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, 3hdc in ea st, fo, don’t turn. (180)
Row 2Colour B: Start in 1st hdc of row 1, 2sc in ea st, fo, don’t turn. (360)
Row 3Colour C: Start in 1st sc of row 3, [(2x1Sc), (2sc)] rep across, fo, Turn! (540)
Row 4Colour D: Change colour (leave a long tail) and make a Crab stitch in ea st, fo. Make a loop in the long tail at the beginning of this row.

Weave in all other ends and you’re done!.

Please show me your makes on Instagram and Facebook using #susyswindspinner and @knotsosquare.

Happy hooking!

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