Stay Warm with the Billy Balaclava Crochet Pattern

Discover the Billy Balaclava, the epitome of hip and trendy crochet accessories that you can whip up in no time, just in time for spring!

Crafting Practical Fashion

Our crochet balaclava strikes the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. It’s designed to keep you warm without being overly loose. No more chilly foreheads and ears on your bicycle rides through Amsterdam’s unpredictable weather.

A Top-Down Creation

Start crafting the Billy Balaclava from the top, increasing with every round to form a versatile hat. The visor and lower part of the balaclava are next, mainly featuring granny stitches. It’s a perfect project for an advanced beginner.

Cherish the Granny Stitch

The classic granny stitch has made a comeback in fashion, and it’s the star of this balaclava. Inspired by the success of the Leah cowl, the Billy Balaclava brings the charm of the granny stitch to your headwear. Experiment with colours to make it uniquely yours.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Color Your World

While we love changing colours every round and row, you have the creative freedom to play with colours and design a unicoloured version, just like our tester, Sarah did. The pattern includes our colour scheme for your inspiration.

Crafted with Care in Amigo Yarn

Craft your Billy Balaclava with Hobbii Amigo, an incredibly soft acrylic yarn that offers lightweight warmth and comes in a wide array of colours. Amigo, made from 100% HB acrylic, utilizes a high-bulk production technique, resulting in a yarn that’s not just comfortable to work with but also delightful to wear.

Stay fashion-forward and cosy with the Billy Balaclava. It’s time to protect yourself from the elements without sacrificing style.

Big Thank You for Testing

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