The Shangri Mandala – Crochet Pattern

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I’m super happy to share this design with you. Hubby came up with the name by the way and it made me laugh so it was here to stay.

US terms.

Skill level: Advanced

Materials needed:
Cotton yarn
Crochet hook 3 mm
Yarn needle
Metal ring 35 cm

Yarn used:Yarn and Colors Must-Have (50gr/125m)
Version A
A: Colour 101 Rose 19gr
B: Colour 89 Gold 11gr
C: Colour 18 Bronze 15g
D: Colour 15 Mustard 15g

Drops Safran (50gr/160m)
Version B
A: Colour 18 Off-white 13g
B: Colour 21 Beige 8g
C: Colour 58 Amethist 17g
D: Colour 23 Brown 12g

Hook used: 3 mm Clover Amour

Gauge: Round 1-4= 5.5 cm diameter. Finished size:32 cm.

This pattern will be published on my website in 5 parts as a mini-cal.

Original price was: € 3,47.Current price is: € 2,78.

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