Stella Market Bag – Crochet Pattern


Skill level: Easy
Materials needed: -Cotton yarn
-Crochet hook
-Yarn needle

Yarn used: Drops Safran 85g
Crochet hook:3mm hook Clover amour
Measurements finished bag: 31x32cm

The bottom of this bag is a true eyecatcher. I started out with a star-like form and expanded it so that the bottom would flow out into the body of the bag. This first part requires some attention, whereas you can practically close your eyes and meditate when you’re making the body of the bag. Just kidding 😉

But, the body of the bag ís a lot simpler, consisting of merely v-stitches. So Netflix time is on!

The result is a très chique but slouchy market bag that you might want to provide with some lining.


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