Pride, rainbows and a crocheted market bag

The Rainbow Market Bag in Support of Pride Amsterdam

As Pride Amsterdam commences today, my heart swells with pride for my city’s commitment to championing LGBT+ rights. It’s a crucial time to reaffirm our support for equality, especially in light of recent setbacks faced by the LGBT+ community. With the Rainbow Market Bag, my aim is to visibly show my backing for this incredible event, symbolized by the iconic rainbow flag, representing LGBT+ pride.

Commitment to Equality and Sustainability

Designing the Rainbow Market Bag is more than a creative venture. It is an expression of solidarity with the fight for freedom and equality, and a stand against waste. Utilizing all of the nine balls of Scheepjes Catona 10 gr purchased for the project ensures no excess and no waste. Even though the colour changes might appear arbitrary, every stitch is infused with support for global diversity and inclusion.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Make a statement with the Rainbow Market Bag

Each time you carry it, you advocate for both the future of our planet and the diverse spectrum of humanity. Let this bag be a beacon of pride, diversity, and collective support. While I may not delve deep into politics, I stand firm in my belief that the crochet community should remain a haven of warmth and welcome for all.

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