Light Up Your Space with the Dottie Hanging Lantern

The Joy of Crochet Lanterns

Embrace the delightful process of crafting crochet lanterns. After the success of the Willow lantern, the creation of the Dottie Hanging Lantern followed suit. First showcased in Dutch in the Creëer Magazine No.5, the Dottie lantern continues to bring warmth and coziness to spaces.

Add a Personal Touch with Dottie Hanging Lantern

Infuse personal charm into your home and garden with the Dottie Lantern. Customize by selecting your favourite colours, adding an individual flair to these lovely crochet lanterns, enhancing the warmth and coziness of your spaces.

Choosing the Perfect Yarn: Drops Safran

For the Dottie Lantern, three colours from Drops Safran were used. Admired for its lustrous sheen, soft touch, and vibrant colour range, Drops Safran is a top choice. Providing impeccable stitch definition, the shades used include Off White 18 (50gr), Powder Pink 56 (15gr), and Red Clay 59 (10gr). Yarn and Colors Must-Have and Scheepjes Catona also make excellent alternatives.

Share Your Dottie Lantern Creations

We are excited to see your personalized Dottie lanterns. Share your completed projects on social media using the hashtags #dottielantern and #knotsosquare. Let’s spread the warmth and beauty of crochet lanterns together!

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