La la Love You Crochet Shawl: A Colourful Embrace of Inclusivity and Pride

A Shawl Symbolizing Love and Unity

The La la Love You Crochet Shawl stands as a vibrant emblem of love and togetherness, beautifully crafted for Hobbii’s #MyFavoriteHobbiiFriends challenge. Embracing the diverse hues of the rainbow, it reflects the spirit of unity and support for the LGBT community, resonating with the global anticipation for World Pride 2026 in Amsterdam.

Voicing Support through Crochet

Even amidst the lively lanes of Amsterdam, the pressing need to advocate for equality and against discrimination prevails. This crochet shawl, made with heartfelt thoughts for friends experiencing such adversity, carries a strong message of solidarity and unyielding support.

Crafting the La la Love You Crochet Shawl

Initiating with a magical ring, the La la Love You Crochet Shawl seamlessly grows on both sides, offering you the freedom to craft it to your desired size. My finished creation elegantly spreads out to 164 x 80 cm, encircled with three layers of delicate shell stitches, infusing an extra touch of charm.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Unveiling the Easy-to-Follow Pattern

Accommodating even for absolute beginners, this crochet shawl pattern is complemented with a comprehensive photo tutorial. Personalize your shawl, alternating the colour scheme with each row or opting for a monochrome elegance. The inclusive colour scheme within the pattern guides you in your creative journey.

Hobbii Friends Extra Fine Merino: A Tender Touch

Immerse in the gentle embrace of Hobbii Friends Extra Fine Merino, the epitome of softness and convenience. This machine-washable merino wool, assures warmth, comfort, and is an ideal choice for sensitive skin, promising a cosy and itch-free experience. Contemplating a new project? The leftover merino wool seamlessly translates into a lush Leah Cowl!

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