Joy in Every Stitch: Garden of Honey Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl

Embark on the Crocheting Journey with Garden of Honey Shawl

Delve into the world of asymmetrical crochet shawls with the Garden of Honey Shawl, a personal favourite that resonates with vibrant colours, captivating stitches, and a distinctive wavy shape. Perfect for advanced beginners, this shawl promises a delightful crocheting journey from the first stitch to the last.

Effortless Crafting with the Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl

The Garden of Honey Shawl stands out with its effortless and increasing design. Start at a single point and watch your creation flourish row by row into a breathtaking asymmetrical shawl. With a comprehensive photo tutorial and chart included in the pattern, say goodbye to the hassle of cutting yarn after every row. And the journey doesn’t stop here; explore further into the world of asymmetrical shawls with upcoming creations like the Buttercups shawl and the Gather ye Rosebuds shawl.

Embrace the Waves with the Crochet Wave Pattern

Find comfort and style intertwined in the Garden of Honey Shawl. This exceptional piece, created for Hobbii’s “Here Comes the Summer” challenge, brings a burst of the sun’s warmth with its vibrant yellow part, enhancing the joy of crafting. The easy-to-follow wave stitch pattern keeps the crocheting engaging with its wonderful interplay of diverse colours, ensuring a delightful colour explosion that sparks joy in every stitch.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Indulge in the Colors with Hobbii Twister

Experience the unmatched softness and beautiful colour transitions of Hobbii Twister Dahlia and Zen Garden, enhancing the Garden of Honey Shawl’s elegance. As you craft, watch the slow, mesmerizing colour transitions unfold, a feature that makes Hobbii Twister stand out. Enjoy 1094 yards of a fantastic blend of cotton and acrylic in each yarn cake, promising lightness, warmth, and solidity in your finished shawl.

Explore the World Beyond

With the invaluable assistance of my tester Jutta @koukkuujkoukussa, the Garden of Honey Shawl pattern is now accessible to Finnish crochet enthusiasts, broadening the horizons for this wonderful crochet journey.

Big Thank You for Testing

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