Jacana Blanket – Cosy Crochet Pattern

Jacana Blanket Overview

This crochet blanket is called the Jacana blanket and it consists of sixteen squares made in the moss-, or linen stitch. For each square, I used two different, contrasting colours which creates the stripes in a square. It’s such a fun make and you can play with colours as much as you like!

Meet the Jacana

Last autumn I accepted the Hobbii Cozy challenge and it was all about coziness. My inspiration for this blanket was a bird, the Jacana. I think it’s the coziest bird ever!! And check those paws, they’re so long and slim. Exactly like the stripes in my blanket.

I’ll tell you a little bit about this bird and what makes them so special.

These distinctive wading birds are easily identified by their elongated legs and remarkably long, slender toes and claws. These features allow them to distribute their weight evenly, enabling them to gracefully traverse bodies of water on delicate, floating vegetation.

Beyond their striking appearance, Jacanas, especially the African Jacana, exhibit a set of characteristics and behaviors that are almost exclusive to this bird family.

One notable distinction is their unconventional approach to nesting and parental care. In contrast to most bird species where females are primarily responsible for these tasks, the roles are reversed in the African Jacana!

Breeding females often form harems with multiple males. Each male, subject to the female’s scrutiny, takes on the responsibility of constructing a nest and patiently awaits the arrival of the eggs. After laying the eggs, the female typically moves on to the next male, while the male continues to incubate the eggs until they hatch.

The male Jacana demonstrates a high level of protectiveness towards the offspring. He has developed a unique method for concealing and transporting the young during times of peril. Using his wings, he scoops up the chicks, cradling them beneath his wings against his body. This results in a somewhat comical and peculiar-looking creature, with the chicks’ legs protruding and swinging below, giving the impression of an entity with eight or more legs on occasion. Don’t you just love this guy??!!!

Crochet blanket or throw

I love to have smaller crochet blankets or throws lying around as they are very practical. We need to share one couch with three people so there’s simply no space for bigger blankets.

Last year when the energy crisis started, we decided we would look for more natural ways to stay warm For us crocheters it’s just a friendly invitation to do what we already love! Crochet blankets!

Of course you could make this blanket as big as you like. Simply add more squares! You’ll just have to adjust the stitch count for the border, but basically you’ll do the same thing. This is exactly the reason I called it the Jacana blanket and not the Jacana throw.

Moss stitch squares

The Jacana crochet blanket consists of sixteen moss stitch squares. Four pairs of four to be be exact.

I’ve designed the square pattern in a way that you don’t need to cut your yarn every row. I mean, who likes to weave in all those ends?

I chose to work with six different colours but even in two colours you could create a beautiful result. Just make sure they’re contrasting colours!

Hobbii Friends Winter glow Solid

Hobbii Winter Glow is one of my favourite yarns to work with. It’s so sturdy and the colours are AMAZING! It’s an acrylic wool blend so it’s soft and superwarm!

Winter Glow is a beautiful South American wool blend with an intense depth of color and an extraordinary glow! It is produced at an Italian spinnery that makes the most incredible colours for Hobbii.

I picked six different colours for this crochet blanket : no 31, Almond, no 25, Pumpkin, no 30, Oat no 38, Purple plum, no 05, Graphite, no 24, Copper. I think they work incredibly well together!

The yarn has a loosely spun structure with a slight variation in thickness and is easy to work with.

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