Introducing the Padme Crochet Cowl: A New Twist on a Loved Classic!

The Birth of the Padme Cowl

Building on the overwhelming love received for the Leah cowl, I felt inspired to craft another creation, blending your feedback and my passion. Thus, the Padme cowl emerged, bearing the legacy of Leah but with its own unique touches.

Snug Embrace Just Like Leah

Echoing the comforting design of the Leah Cowl, the area around the neck in the Padme Cowl remains long and snug, ensuring thorough protection and warmth for the neck.

Redefining Ribbing and Design

Initiating the design from the bottom, both sides witness an increase every row, allowing our triangle to beautifully expand. As we proceed, we sculpt the elongated body of the cowl, concluding with distinctive ribbing and edging.

Taking heed of your feedback, I simplified the ribbing. Transitioning from the intricate design, the refreshed ribbing spotlights straightforward half double crochet stitches, with a hint of creativity. Bidding goodbye to front post stitches, we now have a sleeker texture that’s equally captivating.

Guiding every step of the way, I’ve complemented the pattern with a photo tutorial, making it an enjoyable experience even for advanced beginners.

A Border to Adore

Addressing the concerns with the original bead-stitch border, the Padme Cowl now boasts a border adorned with easy puff stitches. These delightful stitches have always been a favourite, adding a decorative charm to the design.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Keeping the Granny Stitch Alive

Some classics are timeless! Retaining the beloved Granny stitch, the Padme Cowl celebrates its modern resurgence. While I’ve infused colour in every row, there’s room for creativity. Ever thought of a monochromatic version? Dive into the pattern to explore my colour scheme and more!

A New Yarn in Play

While the original Leah cowl was crafted using Hobbii Amigo’s DK weight yarn, the Padme Cowl showcases the magnificence of Hobbii Winter Glow, a worsted weight yarn. With its swift workability, it seemed like a match made in heaven for the Padme Cowl.

The Hobbii Winter Glow isn’t just another yarn—it’s a celebration of vibrant colours and a comforting blend of acrylic and wool. It promises softness, warmth, and a splendid crafting journey!

Big Thank You for Testing

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