Inspired by Legends: The Poseidon Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Inspiration from the Sea God: Poseidon

Lately, my crochet sessions have been accompanied by the entrancing tales of Stephen Fry’s Mythos, narrated via Storytel audiobooks. The intricate and complex stories of Greek gods, especially that of Poseidon, have profoundly inspired me.

The Tale of Poseidon

The gripping tale begins with Uranus and Gaia, transcending to Cronos and his frightful act of devouring his children. The victorious escape of Zeus, who later frees his siblings, and the division of the world among them, laid the foundation of Poseidon’s reign over the sea. Despite his gracious creation of new islands and calm seas, Poseidon’s wrath upon ignorance was equally fearsome, leading sailors to seek his favor for safe voyages.

The Shell Stitch and Poseidon

Inspired by Poseidon’s sea dominion, the design for this market bag utilizes the magnificent shell stitch. Resembling the mystical sea, a set of seven double crochets form a shell, crafted larger and layered for a unique touch, symbolizing the layers of Poseidon’s intriguing tales.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Effortless and Sturdy Design

The uncomplicated design requires knowledge of crafting a chain and a double crochet. The bottom, swiftly created using half double crochets, ensures a robust base for the bag, marrying functionality with speed.

Durable with Drops Muskat

My affinity for Drops Muskat, a splendid mercerised Egyptian cotton, enhances the bag’s quality. Its lustrous sheen, immense strength, and diverse shade range complement its machine-washable and biodegradable properties, resonating with Poseidon’s environmental realm.

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