Hillie Market Bag

Designing the Hillie Market Bag

I designed the Hillie market bag in the autumn of 2019. In Amsterdam we were still enjoying that post summer vibe as the days were still long and warm.

When I first got in touch with Dutch crochet magazine ‘Aan de haak’ and saw their colour scheme for 2020, I immediately thought of submitting the Hillie market bag. They were super enthusiastic and it ended up being my first crochet pattern that got published in a magazine.

Crochet photography

Although I’ve learnt a lot over the past few years, I don’t have the means nor the skills to photograph my products professionally.

Apart from getting paid (haha) this was the best part of our cooperation. They made the best photos of the bag! The styling is amazing! Love the props, love the colours. For me ‘Aan de haak’ is a real source of inspiration.

The Hillie Market Bag

The Hillie market bag is a fun and easy make. As usual, I used Drops Muskat for the bag. A fabulous mercerised Egyptian cotton with a glorious sheen. It comes in 40 different shades and is machine washable! 

The mint really gives the bag that spring feeling, but you could easily transform it in an autumn bag if you’d use warmer colours. Just play around with colours I’d say. You could easily substitute colour B with more than one colour.

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