Hillie Market Bag: Crochet Inspiration from Amsterdam’s Autumn

Designing the Hillie Market Bag

The genesis of the Hillie market bag dates back to the autumn of 2019. In Amsterdam, the lingering warmth of summer continued to grace the long days, stirring inspiration for the Hillie market bag’s design.

First Encounter with ‘Aan de haak’

Upon connecting with the Dutch crochet magazine ‘Aan de haak’ and getting a glimpse of their 2020 colour scheme, the Hillie market bag immediately came to mind. The magazine’s team shared the excitement, marking the inception of my first published crochet pattern in a magazine.

Crochet Photography

Despite having garnered substantial knowledge over the years, my resources and skills in professional product photography remain limited. The collaboration with ‘Aan de haak’ presented an invaluable opportunity as they beautifully captured the essence of the bag. Their exquisite styling, use of props, and colour coordination truly bring the Hillie market bag to life, making ‘Aan de haak’ a continual source of inspiration for me.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

The Hillie Market Bag

Creating the Hillie market bag is a journey marked with fun and ease. Consistently, I choose Drops Muskat for crafting the bag, a superior mercerised Egyptian cotton known for its radiant sheen. Available in a spectrum of 40 different shades and the convenience of machine washability, this yarn is a dream to work with. The choice of mint infuses the bag with a breath of spring, while the versatility in colour options allows for an effortless transformation to suit autumn vibes. The freedom to experiment with colours stands as an open invitation, offering endless possibilities to personalize the Hillie market bag.

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