Gotta Love Small Crochet Bags: Introducing the Sun and Moon Bag

Love for Small Crochet Bags

I adore small crochet bags, often termed as festival bags, but in my lexicon, they’re schoolyard bags. When it’s time to pick up my daughter from school, all I need is my iPhone, K-Card holder, and some mints (for that fresh breath I love). I prefer my bags with a long handle, allowing me to wear them crossbody and keep my hands unoccupied.

The Choice of Yarn: Hoooked Eco Barbante

After creating several larger crochet bags, I decided it was time for a ‘schoolyard bag’. I opted for Hoooked Eco Barbante, a 100% recycled yarn produced sustainably. Despite its softness, it’s incredibly durable and maintains its form. A perfect material for a sturdy, small bag.

In my early crocheting days, I found this yarn challenging and even returned six skeins to Hoooked. But with time, it’s become a favourite, contributing to two big bags I’ve made, visible on my Instagram feed.

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Learning the Standing Double Crochet

Having learned the standing double crochet stitch recently, it seemed like a fabulous addition to my pattern. Continuous learning enhances the crocheting experience and this stitch added a unique touch to the bag.

The Design Inspiration: Sun and Moon Bag

Inspired by the elegant crochet circle bags seen during the summer, I decided to infuse colour into the design, leading to the creation of the Sun bag. Considering practicality, an inside pocket was added for easy phone access, thus, the Moon was born, completing the Sun and Moon bag set.

Meet the Sun and Moon Bag

Celebrate the birth of the Sun and Moon bag, a combination of utility, sustainability, and chic design, tailor-made for those who value style without compromising on eco-friendliness and functionality.

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