Get Summer-Ready with the Giza Vest: A Crochet Vest Adventure!

ANew Design Journey

Following the creation of the Bud Spencer slipover, my desire to design another vest-like garment for the summer blossomed. And what could be a better choice of yarn for summer than cotton?

Discovering Borgo dei Pazzi Giza

I was fortunate to receive a few skeins of Borgo dei Pazzi Giza, a yarn known for its luxurious cotton, imported in the Netherlands by Fair yarns. This superbly soft yarn is crafted from top-notch Egyptian fibers, offering volume and unmatched fluffiness compared to mercerized cotton. It is, without a doubt, the cuddliest cotton I have ever worked with.

The Rise of Crochet Vests

The resurgence of the vest, or slipover, brings immense joy to my heart. Long considered a relic of old-fashioned attire, its modern comeback on runways and streets is a fashion revival I am excited to be part of, both in wearing and designing!

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Introducing the Giza Vest

The Giza vest, characterized by large, stylish armholes, adds a trendy twist to the traditional vest, ensuring you’re far from square. Initially, I envisioned it with extra wide ribbing. However, limited yarn led to a narrower design, an option that nonetheless adds a unique spice to the vest, enhancing its appeal.

Get Ready for Summer with the Giza Vest!

This summer, let the Giza Vest complete your wardrobe. Its versatile design pairs wonderfully with t-shirts, blouses, or singlets, adding an extra layer of colour, warmth, and style to your outfit. Embrace the summer in style with the Giza Vest!

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