Fast and Colorful Warmth: Amigo Blanket Crochet Pattern

The Amigo Blanket: A Burst of Color and Warmth

The Amigo blanket is a lively patchwork crochet blanket that surprisingly takes less time to craft than you might think, thanks to the use of the half double crochet (hdc) stitch.

Staying Warm with Crochet

In these times of energy crisis, natural ways to stay warm are paramount. The craft of crocheting provides a delightful solution. As the chilly embrace of autumn approaches, it’s time to get ready by crafting warm, colourful blankets and ponchos like the Palomine poncho.

Stranded Colourwork Technique

Utilizing the Stranded Colourwork technique makes this patchwork crochet blanket even more appealing. This technique, which involves leaving the old colour hanging at the back of your work when changing to a new colour, minimizes the ends you need to weave in, making the process smoother and simpler. Choose from a variety of colours to personalize your Amigo blanket.

Half Double Crochet Stitch

The predominant use of the half double crochet stitch in this blanket not only expedites the crocheting process but also ensures a smooth, easy, and fast crafting experience, making the creation of the Amigo blanket incredibly swift.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Choose Hobbii Amigo for Your Blanket

The Hobbii Amigo yarn, used in eleven different warm shades, lends an autumnal touch to the blanket, but with 61 different colours available, the customization options are endless. Here are the colours used for a warm, autumnal feel:

  • Rust (A40) 100g
  • Curry (A38) 110g
  • Dark Steel (A11) 110g
  • Gray Melange (A09) 88g
  • Petroleum Green (A32) 98g
  • Dusty Green (A27) 110g
  • Walnut (A05) 110g
  • Mauve (A50) 110g
  • Light Lilac (A48) 110g
  • Dark Beige (A04) 110g
  • Cognac (A39) 78g

Amigo is a DK weight acrylic yarn, soft, non-itchy, and perfect for crafting warm blankets with a high-quality, airy volume. The High-bulk (HB) production technique employed ensures the yarn is light, soft, and comfortable to work with, making your crocheting experience even more enjoyable.

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