Embark on a Crochet Adventure with the Sweet Almonds Shawl

A Rewarding Crochet Journey

Embarking on the journey to create the asymmetrical Sweet Almonds Shawl is a magical experience. Witness the emergence of intricate almonds, the graceful dance of colours, and the rhythmic waves and stitches, all coming together to weave a crochet fairy tale.

The Asymmetrical Sweet Almonds Shawl

The Sweet Almonds Shawl is an exceptional asymmetrical crochet masterpiece suitable for advanced beginners. It echoes the design of the Garden of Honey shawl, with one side expanding with every row. Starting at the point, watch it beautifully unfold as it grows larger, all guided by a comprehensive photo tutorial and a detailed pattern chart. Relish the convenience of continuous yarn work, leaving no loose ends and requiring only two yarn cakes to complete.

Experience the Textured Wave Stitch

Indulge in the luxury of the Sweet Almonds Shawl, a year-round accessory, crafted entirely from cotton. The back loop work creates prominent almond ridges, adding a rich texture and a touch of opulence to the shawl, making it genuinely extraordinary. Despite the intricate appearance, the textured wave stitch pattern is straightforward, further simplified with the accompanying photo tutorial and diagram. The delightful interplay of alternating colours keeps the repetition engaging, offering a meditative crochet experience, albeit with a fair share of time-consuming slip stitches.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Choosing Hobbii Dahlia Yarn

For this exquisite shawl, opt for two cakes of Hobbii Dahlia in Chocolate Rose (09) and Summer Flame (10), a perfect blend for a stunning finish. Dahlia, with its gradual, long colour changes across four thin cotton strands, brings out the most captivating colour play in your crochet projects. Crafted from 100% pure cotton, each large Dahlia skein promises 800 meters of high-quality yarn for your creations.

Pro Tip for Working with Four Strand Yarn

Enhance your crochet experience with a practical tip: keep the four strands of Dahlia yarn organized by running them through a small bead before use. This clever trick ensures a smooth, uninterrupted, and enjoyable crocheting session as you work on your beautiful Sweet Almonds Shawl.

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