DIY Eco-Friendly Granny Market Bag: Crochet Your Way to Sustainable Style!

Why This Bag is a Favorite

This bag ranks as one of my most cherished creations and designs, celebrating the timeless allure of old-school designs that never lose their style. The distinctive round bottom, crafted with diverse cluster stitches, adds a unique touch, also inspiring the Ode to Granny mandala design!

Granny Clusters in Design

The body of the bag exclusively employs Granny clusters or groups of three double crochet stitches, a tribute to the enduring appeal and recent resurgence of this traditional stitch pattern. This technique’s roots trace back to an 1891 engraving published by the Butterick Publishing Co., a testament to its historical resonance.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

The Push Towards Sustainability

In today’s world, the focus shifts from crochet as a survival skill to a tool for enhancing planetary well-being. Opting for handmade, sustainable bags instead of plastic ones echoes this eco-conscious movement, with the versatile Scheepjes Cahlista cotton yarn offering a myriad of colour options while ensuring durability and biodegradability. Linen emerges as another sustainable alternative.

Beginner-Friendly Bag with a Message

Effortlessly create your own Granny market bag with this beginner-friendly pattern, complete with supportive photos. This rapid project, using cotton scraps, not only provides a stylish and practical accessory but also underscores a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable living.

Granny Market Bag in the Wild

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