Crochet the Colourful and Sustainable Spice Market Bag with Ease

The Spice Market Bag: Your Perfect Shopping Companion

Introducing the Spice Market Bag, your go-to accessory for all shopping endeavors! Tailor the pattern with endless colour options, creating a unique, personalized bag. Visit my Instagram feed for a splash of inspiration from various stunning tester-chosen variations.

Simple Pattern with Minimal Challenges

Embark on crafting this bag with ease. The pattern is straightforward, suitable for beginners familiar with basic stitches. The only catch? Mastering the decrease stitch. Fear not! Numerous online videos guide you smoothly through the process, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable crafting experience.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Take a Step Towards Sustainability

Embrace sustainability with the Spice Market Bag. Reducing reliance on plastic bags has never been this stylish and practical. Carry this eco-friendly bag on your shopping trips for a greener planet, showcasing your commitment to environmental wellness.

Quality and Durability with Drops Muskat

Delight in the use of Drops Muskat, my favourite yarn for market bags. Relish the glorious sheen of this superb mercerised Egyptian cotton, guaranteeing strength and endurance. Choose from 40 diverse shades for your bag, ensuring machine washable and biodegradable benefits, aligning with your eco-conscious choices.

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