Crochet Susy’s Wind Spinner: An Easy Guide for Stunning Garden Decor

Effortless Creation for Striking Results: Crochet Wind Spinners

Amid the current trend in Holland, crochet wind spinners stand out as a vibrant and personalized garden adornment. My own journey in crafting these captivating decorations was driven by the desire to add a unique touch to our spacious garden, with numerous spots crying out for a splash of colour and movement.

Unleashing Personal Creativity with Colors

The beauty of these wind spinners lies in their versatility, allowing for extensive experimentation with colours and designs. My personal choice leaned towards the vibrant hues of nature – an eclectic mix of green, yellow, and pink, mirroring the enchanting allure of blooming flowers.

Grab Your Free or Premium Pattern Now!

Embark on your creative journey with the accessible free pattern provided below. For an enhanced crafting experience, consider the comprehensive paid PDF version available in the shop. This premium option enriches your crochet adventure with insightful photos and a helpful video tutorial, ensuring your wind spinner comes to life effortlessly and beautifully. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a mesmerizing and colourful accent to your garden space!

Crafting the Perfect Wind Spinner Disks

Striving for substantial and sturdy disks, I opted for a straightforward and efficient approach. The avoidance of iron wire led to the adoption of the half double crochet stitch for the initial row. The simplicity and speed of this method not only ensured a smooth crafting process but also guaranteed the desired robustness of the wind spinner disks.

Optimal Yarn Choices for Dazzling Wind Spinners

Utilizing leftover yarn proves to be both practical and environmentally friendly, although the project does require a substantial amount. My preference gravitated towards the Durable Cosy fine and Scheepjes Softfun, paired with a 4mm hook, culminating in a soft yet resilient finish for the wind spinners. The final touch involves the addition of ornamental beads or a stylish tassel, ensuring the wind spinners are ready to grace any garden with their vibrant charm.

The pattern

So, here we go!

Row 1Colour A: Ch61, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, 3hdc in ea st, fo, don’t turn. (180)
Row 2Colour B: Start in 1st hdc of row 1, 2sc in ea st, fo, don’t turn. (360)
Row 3Colour C: Start in 1st sc of row 3, [(2x1Sc), (2sc)] rep across, fo, Turn! (540)
Row 4Colour D: Change colour (leave a long tail) and make a Crab stitch in ea st, fo. Make a loop in the long tail at the beginning of this row.

Weave in all other ends and you’re done!.

Please show me your makes on Instagram and Facebook using #susyswindspinner and @knotsosquare.

Happy hooking!

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