Create Your Chic Crochet “This Charming Bag” with Our Easy Pattern and Guide!”

Embrace chic and convenience with this alluring crochet bag, the perfect companion for carrying essentials like your phone, credit card, and mints. Whether you’re heading out for the evening, attending a festival, or enjoying a leisurely walk in the park, this bag is your go-to accessory.

This straightforward crochet project epitomizes hip fashion, featuring a fantastic retro vibe with its granny square design. Opt for unicoloured squares for a classic look, or infuse a playful touch by alternating colours in each row.

Effortless and Beginner-Friendly Crochet Pattern

Swift to create and suitable for beginners, this pattern ensures a delightful crafting experience. A detailed, image-rich PDF guide is available to assist you throughout the process. Enjoy the free pattern provided below, or opt for the extensive PDF version for additional instructional images.

Luscious Yarn and Colors

Despite its impending discontinuation, the Yarn and Colors Super Charming yarn remains a beloved choice, known for its thick texture and a blend of cotton and acrylic. It boasts a unique stone-washed appearance and an extensive palette of 50 stunning shades. While stocks last, secure yours at, or consider alternatives like Scheepjes River- or Stonewashed XL.

Pattern Details:

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate
Materials Needed:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook: 5.5 mm hook Clover amour
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • Measuring Tape
  • 25 Pom Pom Maker

Yarn Used: Yarn and Colors Super Charming (50gr/75m) – 12gr per square

  • 023 Brick
  • 043 Pearl
  • 026 Satay
  • 028 Soil
  • 009 Limestone

Gauge: Granny motif measures 12 cm across and in length (blocked)

The Granny square

Make a total of 4 granny squares

Round 1Mr, ch2 (counts as dc here and throughout). 11dc. Join with slst in the top of the beginning ch2. (12)
Round 2Ch2, (2dc, tr) in next dc, (tr, 2dc) in next dc*, dc in next dc. Rep from * around, ending last rep at **, slst in top of ch2. (28)
Round 3Ch2, dc in next 2dc *(2dc, tr) in next tr, (tr, 2dc) in next tr**, dc in next 5dc. Rep from *around, ending last rep at **, dc in last 2dc, slst in top of ch2. (44)
Round 4Ch2, dc in next 4dc *(2dc, tr) in next tr, (tr, 2dc) in n ext tr**, dc in next 9dc. Rep from *around, ending last rep at **, dc in last 4dc, slst in top of ch2. (60) Fo and weave in ends.

Make the panels

Join two squares with sc’s in outer loops, RS facing you. Join the other 2 squares too. Now you have 2 panels.

I made a lining for my bag. Choose a piece of fabric and cut a piece of 24,5×24,5cm, fold in two which makes the piece 12×24 cm, sew up over length and width, keep upper part open. Fold upper part double and sew up loosely. Sew the bottom and upper part of the little bag you made on the WS of the panel. Attach a button if you like.

Join the panels

Join the two panels with sc’s, starting in the top left of the bag, make 3sc’s in the two corners at the bottom. Sc around upper edge. Fasten off needle close.


Make a knot cord with 2 colours. I made mine 80 cm long. Make two pompoms and attach them on the bag where the strap begins and ends.


You’ve just a superbly stylish crochet bag! Isn’t it great to crochet your own accessories? Please follow me on Instagram and share a photo of your work using #thischarmingbag and #knotsosquare

That would make me super happy!

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