Create the Versatile Lido Beach Bag with Durable Yarns and Unique Stitches

The Lido Beach Bag: A Bag for All Seasons

Even as autumn graces Amsterdam, I’m thrilled to unveil the Lido Beach Bag pattern. This year-round bag may evoke summer vibes with its name, but its utility transcends seasons, infusing warmth and reminiscence of sunny days throughout the year.

Experience the Natural Elegance of Drops Bomull-Lin

For the Lido Beach Bag, I chose the rustic Drops Bomull-lin, a harmonious blend of linen and cotton. This yarn, characterized by the robust structure of linen and the gentle touch of cotton, assures strength and durability. Despite washes, it retains its form, mirroring the enduring beauty and hues of the harvested linen plant, perfect for complementing outdoor and beach aesthetics.

Embrace the Longevity of Linen

Linen stands out for its superior durability compared to cotton. Its rigid texture, attributed to the longer and tighter cellulose fibers, guarantees extended longevity. Despite its stiffness, its combination with the softer and more flexible cotton in Bomull-Lin offers the ideal balance of strength and softness, making it an excellent choice for a beach bag.

Master the Cable Stitch

The bag’s design employs the mini cable stitch, enhancing the yarn’s rustic appearance. This stitch, ideal for those new to crocheting cables, contributes to the bag’s distinct texture and aesthetic, reinforcing the Lido Beach Bag as a stylish and practical accessory for all occasions and seasons.

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