Create the Sustainable Stella Market Bag and help Combat Plastic Pollution

The heartbreaking news about a sperm whale found dead on the beach of Harris, Scotland, its stomach filled with a 100 KG “litter ball” of fishing nets, rope, packing straps, bags, and plastic cups, compelled me to address this pressing issue. It’s a grim reminder of the devastating impact of plastic waste on marine life.

Plastic Soup

Every year, the world uses between 500 billion and 1 trillion non-biodegradable plastic bags. This excessive plastic consumption results in the tragic death of marine animals, including 100,000 sea turtles annually. These creatures either mistake the bags for food or become entangled in them. Shockingly, a ‘plastic soup’ patch, twice the size of the continental United States, floats in the Pacific Ocean, a testament to the magnitude of plastic pollution.

Cotton is King

As passionate crocheters, we hold the power to make a positive environmental impact by crafting sustainable bags. Cotton, a natural and fully biodegradable material, is the perfect choice for this eco-friendly project. Beyond its use, you can repurpose your cotton bag for composting in your garden, contributing further to environmental sustainability.

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Drops Safran

For the Stella market bag, I selected Drops Safran yarn, made from long, combed Egyptian cotton fibers. This strong and machine-washable yarn ensures the longevity of your bag. The intricate processing of the cotton, involving multiple twisting steps, results in exceptionally durable garments with remarkable surface properties, not to mention its lustrous sheen, soft texture, and vibrant colour range. Produced in the EU, Drops Safran boasts an Oeko-Tex® certification, reinforcing its superior quality.

The Stella Market Bag

The Stella Market Bag stands out with its unique, star-shaped bottom that seamlessly transitions into the body of the bag. While the initial part demands focused attention, the body, comprised of v-stitches, allows for a more relaxed, enjoyable crochet experience – a perfect time to catch up on your favourite Netflix shows. The finished product is a chic, slouchy market bag, potentially enhanced with a lining for added durability and style.

Let’s take a significant step towards environmental preservation by embracing sustainable, cotton-made bags, reducing plastic pollution and safeguarding our precious marine life for future generations. Happy eco-friendly shopping!

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