Crafting Tranquility: Create Your Shangri-Mandala Now!

Introduction to Shangri-Mandala

Welcome to the serene world of the Shangri-Mandala. Immerse yourself in the peaceful vibes of crafting as you crochet your way through this intricate and beautiful design. A printable PDF with helpful photos is available to guide you on this creative journey.

My husband is behind the name Shangri-Mandala, it made us smile and has stuck since then. It makes the essence of the tranquil and harmonious vibes that the mandala exudes even lighter.

Join the Shangri-Mandala Community

Your crafting journey will be even more delightful when shared with a community of like-minded enthusiasts. I invite you to follow me on Instagram and become a part of our growing tribe of Shangri-Mandala creators. Share a photo of your beautiful work using #shangrimandala and #knotsosquare. Let your shared creations inspire others too.

Embark on Your Shangri-Mandala Journey Now!

Ready to embark on this exciting and peaceful crafting journey? Get started on creating your very own Shangri-Mandala. The world of tranquility creativity, and community awaits you. Let your crafting adventure begin!

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