Craft the Perfect Eco-Friendly “Flora goes to the Market Bag”

The Flora Goes to the Market Bag

The past weeks of quarantine have served as a catalyst for my creativity. Despite the ambition to create a variety of other items, market bags continuously captivate my attention. Offering a superior, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags, crafting these bags provides not only fun but also a tangible, practical product. The legacy of these bags is apparent – a valuable, stylish, and sustainable gift for my daughter.

Filet Crochet

Filet crochet stands out as an accessible and delightful technique, allowing the creation of diverse images, words, and patterns through solid blocks of double crochet stitches and open mesh made with chain stitches. I’ve included a comprehensive chart in the pattern, streamlining the process and making each step clear and straightforward.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Drops Muskat

I consistently choose Drops Muskat, one of my go-to yarns, for these projects. This exceptional mercerised Egyptian cotton captivates with its radiant sheen, robustness, and durability. Available in 40 unique shades and machine washable, it stands as the ideal choice for crochet market bags. Yet, the versatility allows for the use of any DK cotton.

The Pattern

The Flora goes to the market bag is not just a project; it’s an adventure in colour, technique, and style. As one of my testers aptly states, “It’s easy to follow because it’s perfectly detailed and organized with helpful photos”, assuring an enjoyable and successful crafting experience.

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