Craft the Perfect Bag with the Waffle Stitch: Sustainable, Stylish, and Practical!

The Wondrous Waffle Stitch

Explore the attractive texture of the waffle stitch used in designing this standout bag. Reminiscent of Belgian Waffles, its deep square dips create a compelling and intricate look, yet its pattern is straightforward with a two-row repeat, maximizing results with minimal complexity.

Introducing the Belgian Waffle Bag, a Versatile Carryall

After creating various market bags, the vision for this design was a versatile, easy carryall, free from the holes that let small items slip through. This sustainable crochet bag seamlessly blends functionality and style, making it ideal for school, work, or holiday outings. Its adjustable shoulder strap enhances convenience, making it an everyday essential.

Opt for Hoooked Eco Barbante

For optimal results, choose Hoooked Eco Barbante to craft this bag. This 100% recycled yarn is sustainably produced, offering robustness, soft texture, and no stretching, aligning with the bag’s eco-friendly appeal. Its diverse colour range is another attractive feature, as seen in another design, The Sun and Moon bag.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Customize Your Handle

Utilize collected wooden rings, like old curtain rings, for an innovative and adjustable handle, adding a practical and stylish upgrade to your bag. This creative use gives a fresh purpose to these rings, aligning with the bag’s unique and sustainable design. If wooden rings are not handy, simply craft a longer handle or opt for an online purchase.

Craft, Use, Love!

Embark on crafting this delightful bag, and relish in its utility and style in your daily life. The perfect blend of practicality, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal awaits in this waffle stitch crochet bag, promising satisfaction in both its creation and use.

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