Craft the Chic Astoria Market Bag with Mercerised Cotton

The Astoria Market Bag: Elegance and Functionality

I embarked on a journey to craft a chic, stylish market bag that defies the slouchy equals sleazy stereotype. I believe the outcome, the Astoria Market Bag, seamlessly blends elegance and practicality.

Choosing Drops Muskat for Quality and Sheen

The selection of yarn plays a crucial role in enhancing the bag’s aesthetic and quality. Mercerised cotton, specifically Drops Muskat, is my yarn of choice for this project. It imparts a silk-like luster, transforming the bag’s appearance and feel, without the hefty price tag. This superior Egyptian cotton, available in 40 shades, is not only lustrous and robust but also eco-friendly and machine washable.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Featuring Double Decker Squares for Solidity

The Astoria Market Bag boasts a solid bottom that prevents items from falling through, eliminating the need for a lining. The subsequent mesh construction, accentuated with an additional round of single crochets and chains, enhances the bag’s sophisticated allure.

Adorned with Simple Yet Elegant Crochet Hearts

The bag’s design is complemented with crochet hearts, adding a delicate touch without being overly childish. Despite their intricate appearance, they are crafted with ease, comprising two clusters of three double crochets together, separated by two chains.

Accompanied by Handy Crochet Charts

Responding to popular demand, I’ve included two charts alongside written instructions to facilitate a smoother crochet experience. Even though chart creation is not my preferred task, it’s a small price to pay for the love of crochet and the satisfaction derived from seeing the finished Astoria Market Bag.

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