Craft a Chic Crochet Accessory: The Amalia Purse

Crafting the Amalia Purse: A Perfect Crochet Companion for a Night Out

Embrace elegance and functionality with the Amalia purse, a chic and compact crochet accessory, perfect for holding essentials like your phone, credit card, and mints during an evening outing. With its hip, 1950’s aesthetic, you can choose to craft it in a solid curry hue or explore shades of pink. The design flexibility allows for creative colour play – consider alternating colours per row or adding contrasting bobble highlights.

Why the Name “Amalia”?

Named in honor of Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, the heir apparent to the throne of the Netherlands, this crochet purse pays a modest tribute to her poise and grace as she steps into her royal responsibilities. Born in December 2003, Amalia’s recent 18th birthday in 2021 marked a significant transition, with her life becoming more public as she prepares for future queenship. Despite these changes, her composed demeanor shines, embodying the essence of the Amalia purse – stylish, practical, and graceful.

Mastering the Bobble Stitch

The Amalia purse, a quick and beginner-friendly project, features the attractive Bobble Stitch, showcased in the accompanying printable PDF and tutorial video. Though simple, as a cluster of five double crochets (dc5tog), the Bobble Stitch uniquely pops away, adding texture and interest to the purse. This characteristic means working in a spiral on the wrong side (WS) for most of the project, except when crafting the handles.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

Selecting the Perfect Yarn: Durable Double Four

The Amalia purse is created using the soft, non-mercerized Durable ‘Double Four’ yarn, known for its vintage, matte appearance and available in over 54 harmonious colours. Its cylinder-shaped skeins facilitate easy center-pull use. As a plied and heavy worsted yarn, alternatives include Yarn and Colors ‘Epic’, Scheepjes ‘Skies heavy’, and Drops ‘Paris’, with additional options available on

Get Ready to Create Your Amalia Purse!

Embark on the delightful journey of crafting the Amalia purse, blending style, and practicality, while paying tribute to a young royal’s elegance and resilience. Elevate your crochet skills with the Bobble Stitch and choose your favourite colours to personalize your perfect night-out accessory.

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