The Amalia Purse

The Amalia purse is an ever so cute and classy crochet bag, perfect to carry along your phone, your credit card and some mints on a night out.

This crochet purse is very hip and it has a superb 50’s look

I chose to make one unicoloured purse in curry and one in two shades of pink. You can easily change the look of this little baggie by playing with colours. What about changing colour each row or giving several Bobbles a contrasting colour?


Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange (Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria) was born born on December 7th, 2003 and she is the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In December 2021 she turned 18 and since then her life has changed quite a bit. She is now eligible to take the throne when it becomes necessary though Amalia said she hopes that is far in the future. Evidently her life has gotten more public and I think she’s handling this really well.

Anyway, I named this crochet bag after her to pay her a small tribute. You rock, Amalia!!

The Bobble stitch

This crochet bag works up rather quickly and is beginner friendly. The printable PDF contains a lot of helpful photos and I also made a video on the Bobble stitch.

The Bobble stitch is a fairly easy stitch. It’s actually a cluster of 5 dc’s, so dc5tog. BUT, and three of four of my testers didn’t know this, it doesn’t pop out towards you, but away from you. This means, as you’re going to work in a spiral, you’ll be working on the WS of the bag. Most of the time I should say because you’ll turn to make the handles.

Yarn selection: Durable Double Four

Durable ‘Double Four’ is an incredibly soft 100% cotton yarn with a vintage look and is available in more than 54 matching colours. It has a matte look and is not mercerized. Those matte colours are exactly the reason why I love using this yarn.

The skeins are cylinder shaped, making it easy to pull the yarn from the centre. Easy does it!

Double four is plied and heavy worsted. Some alternatives are Yarn and Colors ‘Epic’, Scheepjes ‘Skies heavy’ and Drops ‘Paris”. For more options, check out

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