Celebrating History with a Modern Twist: Crafting the Ode to Granny Mandala

Granny Squares: Bridging the Past and Future

Granny squares seamlessly blend the nostalgia of the past with the modern trends of the future. Many crocheters have cherished memories of their own grannies creating these timeless squares, passing down the age-old crochet tradition.

A Tribute to Granny

It’s time to honor our grannies with “An Ode to Granny and her grannies,” a tribute to the timeless art of crocheting granny squares, from their humble beginnings as Patchwork squares by early American settlers to the beloved Granny square of today.

The Evolution from Patchwork to Granny Square

Despite scarce information on the Granny square’s inception, consensus suggests its origin among early American settlers. Initially called Patchwork squares, these creations helped utilize every piece of spare yarn at a time when resources were limited and precious.

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This pattern is available as a PDF

First Published Record of Granny Square

The first published record in 1891 showcased not a written pattern but a meticulous engraving by Butterick Publishing Co. The transition from Patchwork to Granny Square, though unclear, highlights our grannies’ endearing love for making them.

Introducing the Ode to Granny Mandala

The Ode to Granny Mandala offers a contemporary spin on the classic Granny square. Accept the challenge to use your leftover yarn and craft a vibrant, colourful piece that pays homage to the rich history of the Granny square and our own beloved grannies.

Choosing the Right Yarn

For my mandala, I opted for Hobbii Rainbow 8/4, a fingering weight yarn with a 3mm hook, resulting in a 42cm mandala fitted to a 45cm hoop. Feel the freedom to innovate, experimenting with diverse colours and yarns. Share your unique creations and continue the cherished tradition of granny squares.

Unleash Your Creativity

The mandala, while perfect on a ring, also beautifully doubles as a doily, making for a charming addition indoors or outdoors. Embrace the legacy and modernity of the Granny square and contribute to its enduring allure with your own Ode to Granny Mandala.

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